We are learning to adjust. We are learning to face the new normal. It’s a huge challenge but that is what makes it a mindfulness practice. We are  experiencing a world where physical connection is completely controlled and so the most important thing is that we don’t lose our minds, but use mindfulness to hold the space of not knowing. Especially when it comes to our children, feeling connected to them when they are feeling just as confused and complicated.

A way to feel connected to ourselves and not necessarily allow ourselves to lose our mindset is by tuning our instrument, to tune into our being – by using mindfulness. When we are feeling okay and grounded we are de facto worthy in key moments. We become living Zen masters in this practice of life. But, learning to let go and let be is of course very difficult. 

So how do we connect with this enormous possibility for opening? Try cultivating emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence or EQ includes self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. These practices can help you cultivate awareness without having to feel you have to achieve a certain result or state. It is mindfulness that can be used as an essential tool and strategy to help us connect with this valuable deep intelligence. So if you are in a state where you feel the need to fix, feel the need to change, feel threatened or anxious or even experiencing having lost your job. This is a valuable resource to help you remember who you are and help you take care of what you really need to take care and not just what you want to focus on. So if you are perceiving COVID-19 as a wakeup call why not try something to answer that call. 

For more information on EI and mindfulness click on this link: https://siyli.org/resources/category/resilience