My name is Anuka Gazara-Anthony and I am the founder of Janu Joyful Hypnoservices. I am a mother of two small children, a hypnotherapist, a hypnobirthing practioner and a self-proclaimed mindfulness addict! I am passionate about supporting clients with their health concerns, such as fears and phobias. However, I am also dedicated to supporting mums and dads like yourselves, who want to have a positive birth experience full of joy and peacefulness. If you would like to feel calm, relaxed and generally less anxious about life, pregnancy or birth get in touch.

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Mindfulness Based Leadership Coaching

If you are interested in our services and live outside the US, please contact us via email info@janujoyfulservices.com to discover your country specific prices for our packages! Look forward to hear from you, JANU team.